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Fluoroplastic RF hoses produced by UZM

Fluoroplastic RF hoses produced by UZM

Fluoroplastic (PTFE ) hoses are sealed high-pressure hoses (up to 500 atm), which are made of smooth (RFP series) or corrugated (RFG series) fluoroplastic tube covered with braiding (according to the working pressure combined braiding can be used - a combination of spiral and mesh braids). PTFE hoses are used to connect equipment, to pump aggressive liquids, bulk, abrasive substances, and in working at high temperatures due to increased strength, flexibility and lightweight of the hose. High-pressure fluoroplastic hoses are actively used in chemical industry for transportation of acids, alkalis and gases.
is a protective mesh type cover made of stainless steel 321 wires; allows ensuring the hoses` operability under various loads affects, as well as pressuring tight arising during transportation media along a flexible part. Braiding should tightly fit the hose, and doesn’t have dangling parts.
is a protective element of the hose, inside the flexible part, which makes it possible to exclude / reduce the contact of PTFE with the medium, or, due to its presence, prolong the service life of the product.
is the part of the hose in which the flexible part is enclosed to prevent various effects (thermal, mechanical, etc.). It is based on operating conditions of the product.