ООО "Уфимский Завод Металлорукавов"
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About UZM - Ufa Factory of Metal Hoses

About UZM - Ufa Factory of Metal Hoses

Ufa Factory of Metal Hoses

Ufa Factory of Metal Hoses (UZM) is one of the largest suppliers of industrial equipment in the market of Russia and CIS countries. Our experience and availability of manufacturing facilities allow us to develop and produce unique, highly reliable and durable products in a short period of time.

The main manufactured products are:

Our products are successfully used in various industries, such as nuclear, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgical, machine-building, petrolic, etc. Ufa Factory of Metal Hoses has the ability to carry out development of technical documentation and to make production equipment and the non-standard equipment of various functions: dies, molds, machine tools for machining, adaptations for performance of assembly works, non-standardized equipment, etc.

We are sure that not only our own success, but also your manufacture’s safety and reliability depend on how responsible we deal. Therefore, for the implementation of any transaction, we attract the best specialists from different industries.

All products of the company are certified and correspond to GOST and TU (technical specification).

Our advantages

One of our important tasks is to highlight your personal needs among which fulfillment of the order in a short period of time, while choosing the best payment terms.

We offer the most favorable and flexible conditions of cooperation for our clients.

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