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Competent installation of a metal hose ensures its reliable and long-lasting term of operation, and non-compliance with the following rules may lead to breakdown of the product during the installation process.

When transporting a hot medium along the sleeve, do not touch the flexible part of the exposed areas of the body.
Center the hose location to absorb vibrations.
Avoid twisting the hose during angular movements.
While dismantling the hose from the coil, unwind it gently, and do not pull.
Choose the right length of the hose, take into consideration that when working under pressure, the length of the hose can increase.
To absorb perpendicular vibrations use several hoses with 90° bends.
Install the hose only perpendicular to vibration.
Don't let it twist on the axis.
Do not forget, when welding the hose in place, it is necessary to cool down the weld.
When mounting, move the hose in only one plane.
Install the hose perpendicular to the direction of vibration.
When mounting the hose in a suspended state, use a support roller.
Do not forget to use the stand to comply with the minimum bending radius of the hose.
Do not allow excessive bending of the hose, remember, each hose has a minimum bending radius, do not exceed it. Even a single sharp bend can damage the hose.
Remember, the bend of the hose and the direction of movements should be in the same plane.
Avoid moving the hose by dragging, if necessary, use a protective cover.
Use allotments to clear off large axial vibrations.
When installing, use two keys.
Avoid strong lateral shifts.
Remember that the hose does not work on twisting.