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Standard Ø6-Ø400- is made of 0.3 to 0.4 mm thickness tube and has an average flexibility. Metal hoses of this corrugation withstand a working pressure up to 240 kgf / cm2 depending on the inner diameter and the number of braids. This type of corrugating fits most of the customer requirements.
Corrugating of Increased flexibility Ø6-Ø200 – is made by squeezing annular corrugations, which allows to increase the flexibility of the metal hose, in installation of hard-to- reach areas.
Heavy series Ø6-Ø200 – have increased thickness of the corrugations, which allows using the flexible metal hose with the maximum working pressure (up to 400 kgf / cm2).
Spiral Ø6-Ø200 type of cover allows to increase the flexibility of the metal hose, as well as allows to transport medium with the maximum speed. Spiral corrugating increases the hose life.
Two-layer corrugating Ø6 - Ø125 – is designed for operation in particularly important production sites, for example, transportation of radioactive media. Two-layer corrugating provides increased tightness of the flexible part.